Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Best Day EVER!

Monday morning Jake and I dropped Jacob off for his first year of Kid's Camp for church. Sunday night we colored his hair red (to match his team color) and got him all packed up. He could hardly contain himself he was so excited.

When I dropped him off I silently prayed for this to be an experience of his lifetime; something he'd never forget.

This morning I received a phone call from my very good friend, Corrie. She was telling me how she had gone up to the camp Wednesday night to help out with some things and she saw my sweet boy. She said he was happy and having a great time.

Then she gave me the news.

Wednesday night was the night they gave the message of Salvation. 150 kids raised their hands to say they were ready to accept Christ!!! Isn't that INCREDIBLE?! Want to know what's even more incredible?

My Jacob was one of them!!!!!!!!!!

I can't even describe the emotions going on inside me right now. I haven't stopped crying since she told me. I guess a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Perhaps this is a confirmation that Jake and I have truly turned our family down a much different path than the one we were raised on.

I always promised myself that my kids would have it different. That I would do all it takes to raise them in a godly home and give them a better life than I had.

I'm not talking material things, I'm talking about growing up with an actual family with a mom AND a dad, with unconditional love, with strong moral values, with an undying love for Christ. All the things I never had growing up.

We are soooo blessed to be a part of Fellowship Church. If it weren't for their decision to share Jesus in a creative, relevant way, I never would have given God a second thought, nor would I have continued to come to church. And if it weren't for their dedication to age-appropriate teaching for kids and keeping church exciting and fun, I'm certain Jacob would not have made the decision he did.

This is truly one of the happiest days of my life.

Come rejoice with me!!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mexico Pics

Our Mexico pictures are up - finally! You can check the set out here.

Works For Me Wednesday: Keeping My Bathroom Tidy

I used to have a huge problem with clutter in the bathroom that drove me (and Jake) crazy. Hair dryer, hair products, toiletries, make-up - you name it - was strewn all over my counter top. It was embarrassing.

So, I went to the store and bought a tub with a handle in the center and put all of my daily items in the tub. When I'm finished using them in the mornings (or whenever I decide to drag my butt in the bathroom and do something with myself), I stick the tub in the cabinet under the sink out of sight and VOILA! I have a neat and tidy bathroom!

It Works For Me!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

WFMW: Having an Effective Quiet Time

For today's Works For Me Wednesday, I bring you "The Effective Quiet Time"!

Want to read a book, but can't concentrate over all of the noise? Want to have an effective time in The Word, but can't because you have little monkeys crawling all over you asking for everything under the sun?

I bring you an easy, two-step solution, dear Internet friends!

Duct Tape and Rope!

Just tie the little heathens up and slap some duct tape on their whiny little mouths! They're quiet enough for you to have your time in peace, and they're still within sight so you know they're safe and not getting into mischief.

Hey! It Works For Me!

Friday, June 09, 2006

A Centennial Celebration

It's my 100th post!!!

So much has happened since my little blog's inception it makes my head spin!

My first post was a bit of a trial thing, since I had been lurking on many other blogs for months, but was terrified of starting one of my own ("What if no one reads this stuff? What if everyone thinks my writing stinks?"). Of course, my writing isn't exactly publishing material, and I still only have the 10 of you that actually read this stuff (ha!), but I've come a long way in a few short months, Baby!

I've stood on a soap box and vented, I struggled with potty-training (that is the understatement of the century), proudly celebrated it's success on an ongoing basis. I've failed miserably (and publicly) with housework, and, most definitely, God used my crazy, dramatic life story to speak to other people while healing me in the process.

And just as I was getting settled in my non-dramatic life, God decided to pull the rug out from under my feet.

In between I've met some absolutely amazing, phenomenal, out-of-this-world friends (and re-connected with some old ones) who have been a tremendous support system for me with their sincere encouragement, fervent prayers, and laughter. Because of all of you, I am a forever changed person.

So here's to the next 100 posts! Let's see what God has in store!!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Look who's rested, refreshed and TAN!

We're back! And sooooo refreshed! The vacation was nothing short of amazing and it was just what I needed to get back in my groove. Thank you all so much for all of your sweet comments, emails, and especially your prayers. I have certainly felt them.

I can't wait to tell you all about our trip, but I'm off to hang with the fam. Until then....