Wednesday, November 08, 2006

[Insert Witty and Remarkable Title] because after seeing this I am at a total loss for words

Think your house is in disarray? Feel like it's a "Pig Sty" because you have some dishes in the sink and a few loads of laundry piled up?

Then feast your eyes upon this atrocity, my dear Friendternets, and feel ashamed no more.


**I had a fabulous post written covering all of the great fun we had last weekend, but Blogger seems to hate my guts and my post was lost. I'll try again after I regain my composure. Or after a few stiff margaritas. Whichever comes first.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Okay, so I promised a post covering any and all details from our fabulous Bloggity Weekend Get-together like, what, a week ago? But life happened, y'all, and I'm just sitting down at the computer for the first time in 6 days, so please love me through my tardiness and easily-distracted behavior.

I had every intension of posting all of my wonderful memories last Wednesday, but I decided to instead start painting my drab, white office. It is beautilicious, my friends, in all of it's pumpkiny goodness. Makes me hungry for pie. And equally happy that I can sit in my office and not feel like I'm in an institution.

Then the plan was to wake up early Thursday morning, finish painting and work on my post, until I glanced through Jacob's school binder and found a note thanking me for chaperoning their field trip. THAT DAY! I arrived frazzled and thrown together only to find out one of the kids placed in my care was the fastest talking little girl this side of the hemisphere. Don't believe me? Watch the following. But grab some Advil first.

Wow. Head spinning? That was just 30 seconds of what I endured for over 5 hours. God definitely has a twisted sense of humor FOR SURE!

So, long story long, I've been super busy. I will be working on my We Wanna Meet post RIGHT NOW for your reading enjoyment. I PROMISE!!!!!!

(Unless I get distracted again)