Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Flippin' Genious

My Jacob is not like all of those "other kids". There - I said it. **Don't get me wrong. I am NOT one of those moms that thinks their child is superior to all other children. There is nothing that gets under my skin like a mom who sits and says, "SO! How old is your son? When my Susie was that age she was studying quantum physics." Those moms deserve to be flipped in the forehead.** Okay, back to story:
Jacob has a wit that amazes me daily. He says things that prove he is constantly thinking and breaking things down. And he is CREATIVE!!!! For Halloween most 6-year-olds want to be a character from Star Wars, or some other super hero. I was all prepared to be able to go down to Party City and purchase an easy-schmeazy $20 costume and be done with it, but NOOOOOOO! Jacob decides he's going to be a freak like his mom and get all into Napoleon Dynamite (okay, I'll admit it - I was a little jazzed at the idea and totally pumped that my kid is a flippin' genious). So, after WEEKS of searching on the internet and hours of driving around with two kids in tow, we finally found a Napoleon wig online. That left the glasses, 'Vote for Pedro' shirt and moon boots. Weeeeeelllllll, since I had to drop 25 bucks on his sweet wig, we didn't have anything left in the kitty for a pair of SEVENTY-DOLLAR moon boots (yes, people, that's a seven with a zero after it)!! Apparrantly, we're not the only ones who are Napoleon fans and every teen-ager this side of the hemisphere has been snatching these boots up from wherever they can get their hands on them. (LUCKY!) So we had to compromise on the rest of the costume, sure (rain boots instead of moon boots, a plain white tee with black letters instead of red ones, and blue sunglasses with the lenses popped out instead of the nerdy brown ones), but he's 6...he'll get over it. I still think he made a pretty cute Napoleon. John Heder would be proud. I know I was!


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