Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Last of The Mohekans

This past Thursday my family lost our Matriarch - my Mam-maw. She was 88 years old, but had the pure heart of a child. I have never known another person to make the lasting impression on as many people's lives as this amazing woman did. I can honestly say that she was TRULY a Proverbs 31 Woman (something I have always thought was so un-achievable); the last of her kind. Never once in my life did I ever hear her say anything negative about anyone. In fact, she could even find positive things to say about Satan. "Well, you have to give him credit for being a hard worker."

Not only was she a phenomenal woman, but she was a huge cut-up and about as ornery as the day is long. Last Monday as she was being wheeled in for heart surgery she joked with her doctors and told them that while they were in there, they might as well give her a nice big tattoo on her butt cheek; a Harley tattoo would do just fine. One of my most fond memories of my Mam-maw was on her 80th birthday celebration. We had rented out a building, had family members as far as the eye could see, food, music - we pulled out all the stops. When it was time to sing Happy Birthday and have her blow out her candles, she proceeded to start a cake fight. Many people were shocked that a woman her age would behave in such a manner, but she didn't care. She was just having fun.

At her funeral it was a huge celebration of her life. She left behind 3 daughters, 16 Grandchildren, 46 Great-Grandchildren, and 19 Great-Great-Grandchildren. She knew each one of us on an intimate level and we all felt like we were her favorite. You could always count on her if you needed someone to talk to or needed godly advise. She never forgot a birthday and at Christmas you could always count on a crisp 10-dollar bill in your card. It was a wonderful time with everyone sharing many stories of her life and it made me realize what an amazing testimony she lived out.

One phrase was spoken over and over by many people that day. "I don't know how she managed to live such a godly, pure life. I know I could never have done it with as much dignity and grace as she did." The greatest thing is, she never took credit for the way she lived her life. It was all out of her undying love for her sweet Jesus. During her eulogy, some of her own words were quoted, and these stuck out to me the most. "I have let my Jesus down countless times, but He has never let me down."

I am so greatful that I had the priveledge to get to grow up knowing such an amazing woman and my children were able to know her even just a little bit. My prayer is that I can grow to be half the woman that she was. Wouldn't we all want to die knowing that we had touched as many lives as she had and done it all for our King's glory and not our own?

I miss you my Little Mam-maw!


At 12/13/2005 4:43 PM, Blogger Amanda said...

Wow! My mom would get goose bumps reading this because we had a Mam-maw too. Mam-maw Ritter! She was crazy and so much fun and such a godly woman. My wonderful great grandmother died on my twentieth birthday and I still have days where I cry over her not being here to see my babies. What a great blog!


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