Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Yes, I was actually speechless

Yesterday Kale was playing in the back yard by himself while I got some things done around the house (you know, catching up on some of my TiVo shows - important stuff). I went to check on him after a few minutes and I couldn't believe my eyes. I was actually speechless (if you know me, this is a miracle from God Himself).

I saw my three-year-old throwing a football up to the top of the slide on their playground. I looked further up the slide to see that he had propped a hula-hoop at the top of the slide to serve as a target.

He's THREE!!!!!

Of coarse when I called the hubs to tell him we have a genious on our hands, he took ALL credit. I guess he thinks since they look like they were cloned in a labratory that he also inherited Jake's "Geniousnisity" (one of Jake's many made-up words).

What was I getting myself into when I prayed for all boys? Did my brain forget the part about the sick obsession with all things related to sports?

On a side note, Jacob has decided to join wrestling. We won't go into the monster it has created regarding the hubs (he wrestled for 14 years, and he's from Pennsylvania ~ you do the math). We'll get into that one later. Just know this: Jake spent over 2 hours online last night (after dragging the boys to several stores for 2 hours) trying to find Jacob the "perfect pair of wrestling shoes".

Someone kill me now.


At 11/24/2005 5:41 AM, Blogger Sally Jimson said...

Your Husband sure sounds like a smart guy inventing words and stuff and teaching a three year-old circus tricks like that. I sure do wish I could have wrangled up a guy like him.

At 11/24/2005 6:22 AM, Blogger Minnie said...

This just proves what a FREAK my husband is!!!!! Thanks "Sally"...err, Jake...for your comments.

At 11/30/2005 9:33 AM, Blogger Darlene said...

How cute!! I'm sure "Sally" can't wait to get a map, atlas, or globe for the Mini-Jake.

At 12/01/2005 11:52 AM, Blogger Leslie said...

I can relate.

Eric had recently gotten out his old comic books for Caleb. *sigh* today Caleb was hanging from the refrigerator door handles with one hand and shooting his "webs" out with the other. His little legs were drawn up in a spiderman crouch. It was really impressive-- for a brief moment.

Anyway, it is as if my husband has found a new playmate. Actually, he is actively creating one.


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