Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Lately I have been in this horrible "funk" that I just can't seem to shake. All I want to do is sleep, I'm not hungry (if you know me, that is TOTALLY ab-normal), and I can't seem to find the energy to write about all of the great things going on in my life.

I read Perry Noble's blog yesterday about "Doing Battle With T-Bone" and it really hit home for me.

How many of us allow Satan to have a foothold in our lives and allow him to rob us of our joy? I know I will be praying for the Lord to replace that joy in me and to send Satan running with his tail between his legs. Can I get an "Amen!"?


At 12/05/2005 3:30 PM, Blogger Leslie said...

Amen! Hope that moment has passed. I wish I could experience the not wanting to eat part just a little bit. Especially now during the holidays. Anyway, I've said a prayer for you, too many people rely on you for this moment to last for too long.


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