Thursday, February 09, 2006

A visit from Johnny Drama (and MeMa came, too) all the way from Tulsa

Jacob had his first wrestling tournament last Saturday, so his MeMa drove down from Tulsa to cheer him on.

Of course, all of the attention went to her 2 1/2 lb. ball of cuteness, J.D. (Johnny Drama). He weighs less than our dogs' tongues, so it was a huge change having such a little dog in the house. I was constantly worried about stepping on him for fear of crushing him. The kids absolutely loved him (how couldn't they?). It was a continuous battle over who was going to hold him or play with him or take him into the "Club House" (giant TV box).

Thanks to his visit, my long-anguished-over desire for a French Bulldog has only increased by a thousand percent.


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