Thursday, February 09, 2006

Tales from Schmoozville, where Kale is Mayor

Did you guys miss me? It has been an insane few weeks and I have barely had time to sit down for even a few minutes to check email, let alone catch up on blogging.

So many funny things have happened, but they were the things that were only funny at the time. When I went to write them down ~ not so funny.

Anywho ~ on with the show...

I am raising a schmooze. He gets it from his dad, but he is like his dad on super-strong steroids. A few examples:

Kale has a really gruff voice, but when he first wakes up he sounds like a smoker. While trying to get him dressed the other morning the following conversation ensued:

Me: You're cute.

Kale (in his gruffy just-woke-up voice): Yeah. I'm cute.

(pauses and has a serious "I'm thinking" face)

Nods and says "I'm definitely cute."


Yesterday after Jake got home from work, we were all piled in our bed horsing around. Kale wedged his way in between Jake and I and put one arm around Jake and the other around me. He gives us both a big bear hug and leans back to look at us with the cute, smooshy, charming face he does so well and says, "I love you guys." The prospective "awwws" from his parents follow. Then comes "You guys are great".

What a suck-up!!!!!


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