Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Time for a break

I've decided to take a short break from blogging. I'm not sure how short or long of a break it will be. Probably just until we get back from Mexico.

It has really been a trying week on us. Satan is attacking us in a mighty way. We are trying our hardest to hold it together, but are in need of serious prayer. I know without a shadow of a doubt that this is confirmation for what lies ahead. God has something so unbelievably amazing planned for us. Otherwise, why would Satan be attacking us with such zeal?

See you when I'm back and refreshed! :o)


At 5/24/2006 8:29 PM, Blogger the voice said...

Will be praying for you the entire time your gone. Have a fun, safe trip, and if it's not too much to ask, soak in the hot tub for about an hour for me. God bless you and your family, ken

At 5/24/2006 9:01 PM, Blogger flipflop said...

Have a fun time. Many prayers. I'm excited for you that God is getting ready to use you.

At 5/25/2006 5:25 AM, Blogger Susan said...

I am praying girl. But you know that right? :)

At 5/25/2006 8:33 AM, Blogger Adventures In Babywearing said...

Thank you for visting my blog! I am glad you found encouragement. I will be praying for you, and please email me anytime if you need anything else!

At 5/25/2006 11:49 AM, Anonymous Karylon Alford said...

You are always in my prayers.
God is going to take care of you.
Have a good trip and keep smiling, it is a beautiful one and a lively personality to go with it.


At 5/25/2006 2:17 PM, Blogger Karen said...

I will be praying for you. In the midst of a storm, hold tight to the only One True Thing-Jesus Christ! Plug into Him as much as your tears and knees can withstand. He won't fail you.
In His Hands.

At 5/25/2006 2:30 PM, Blogger Overwhelmed! said...

You will be in my prayers. Enjoy your time in Mexico. Watch out for the jellyfish!

At 5/26/2006 11:05 AM, Blogger Stephanie said...

Have fun in Mexico. I am praying for you.

At 5/26/2006 11:31 AM, Blogger Susan said...

I miss you already.... WAH!!! :(

At 5/27/2006 3:46 PM, Blogger Leslie said...


I won't be at church tonight, we've run into a time crunch on some things. I'm so sorry. I am praying for you. And at least keep us posted as to what is happening with you.

You are in my heart and prayers.


At 5/30/2006 6:09 PM, Blogger Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

can't wait to hear from you. hope all is well, we'll pray for you.

Like I've been telling everyone we are back from our long week, and I'm finally back to blogging again. Great to see your posts again. Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!

At 5/31/2006 12:08 AM, Blogger Carol said...

I'm not going to ask; I'm just going to pray.

At 6/04/2006 6:16 AM, Blogger Kate said...

I'm so with Carol - Praying. Praying. Praying.

At 6/04/2006 12:39 PM, Blogger Susanna said...

Happy Holidays. May you be blessed and refreshed in every way.


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